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What would you say to 17-year-old you, if you could talk to her today? What did you learn, what would you warn her about, and how would you influence the person she was about to become?

How would you advise her to hold on to the passions, motives and values that drive her?

And what would she say to you? Are you the leader she expected you to become?

The world needs you. There is a growing awareness that you, and women just like you, are needed out there, right now. Needed to provide a brand new foundation for the world to grow from. Needed, because it is going to be the women of today’s society who will rebuild the confidence and the security of the communities we live in, and lead the way to a richer, more collaborative future.

YOU are needed to be the leader who makes big change happen.

YOU are the woman who can bring together the right people to work collaboratively and purposefully.

YOU are the human being who will join other human beings in the mission to bring us back to sustainability.

But you may not feel like that woman at all, at the moment. You may feel you’ve lost sight of that young 17-year-old’s potential, and all the plans you had for her – and that your actions are no longer in line with her values. She’s inside somewhere, not gone, merely trapped, what would your life look like today, if you could free her from her confinement? What would it feel like to have her energy and power out in the world again?

When you become you – the one you were always meant to be – you will be able to see and access all of your real potential.

How much longer will you wait to be reunited with your truest self?

I’m Bravetart, and I can help to reunite you with your courage, help you find your inner brave and grow the confidence to own it, and use it to fulfil every bit of that beautiful potential you have.

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”


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