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As women, we believe we have reached a time where we can impact the world if we keep trying, pushing, changing and the battle is exhausting and debilitating. The wins feel futile and disproportionate to the energies we've spent achieving them. When we reach our goals they feel hollow, or we're just so spent, there's nothing but greyness and confusion.

This growing malaise affects us, our families and our friends, it doesn’t discriminate and it knows no boundaries. Everywhere you turn your fight/flight centre is put on high alert and its exhausting. Your vitality, your relationships and your career are all impacted and you are spinning so many different plates that right now, your greatest fear is the mighty crash that’s coming. Sound familiar?

All of this can change, only a strong desire to change and an open mind is required. If you’d like to learn more, take the first step, get in touch today.