Brave Options

Take a deep dive into your life journey with a programme, taking action today will be life changing.

Planning your Brave Journey​

If you know you need to make a change, but you’re not sure what, then this is place to start. In this first meeting, we’ll talk about where you are now, what’s brought you here, and where you’d like to be. This will give us a plan going forward that will get the best results for you.

The Brave Journey Programme

In this ongoing programme, we reset your life. We’ll take a deep dive into where you are, what’s holding you back. You’ll go away from each session with tasks for the coming month, and at our next meeting we’ll review what’s happened, and agree your next month’s tasks. This programme fits around a busy lifestyle, and achieves results over a longer period of time.

Targeted Brave Sessions

This option is for women who know the issues that are keeping them from being their best, and who need some help with figuring out the answers and actions they need next. You may only need one of these, or you may need a few – whatever we decide, you will get the support and accountability you’re looking for to get that clarity and direction for change.

Personal and Professional Relationship Crisis SOS

If you can’t see the wood for the trees in how you’re coping with a relationship – whether that’s a personal one, or a professional one – this programme is for you. We’ll determine the frequency of sessions based on your situation, and give you the tools you need to develop strong, healthy relationships with those that matter most.

Burnout and Overwhelm

It’s happened to all of us. There is so much in life to keep on top of, our natural response is usually just to keep going – until this project’s delivered, until that problem’s solved, until after those huge Christmas preparations. But that’s exactly what causes overwhelm and burnout, and then it’s too late to reduce the stress, and we need to reset completely. In these sessions, we break the cycle – identifying what’s important in your life, what your signs of stress and overwhelm are, and the actions you can take to stop it before it gets to crisis point.