June 25, 2019

Brave Pants


You don’t need them but you might want them


When I got up this morning and was rummaging through my knicker drawer, ruminating over what particular kind of help I needed in the bottom/tummy deception department, I smiled and then laughed.  I had a moment of realising that this morning, was going to be a bit different, I was going to be challenged to do something I haven’t done for a very long time.  So, out came the brave pants and I wriggled happily into them. 

Now I get that the idea of brave pants is that you need them for bravery, that they act as a crutch to prop you up where you’re otherwise feeling a wee bit wobbly. So the idea that putting them on in a happy carefree state seems wrong or unnecessary and I am delighted to tell you that wearing them in such a state in no way diminishes the confidence they evoke.


Today was exam day and Bravetart did indeed want her brave knickers. She didn’t need them – she knew that now – but want them oh yes definitely want them.  She’d been living and learning all of the lessons as preparation for the test and now it was time to get it done.  All of the practised mantras, tips and tricks to prepare for the “click on the link” moment induced a peaceful, harmonious and concentrated state.  The perfect balance of calmness, confidence and energy.   

So, it was kind of handy that the exam she was doing was in fact to show her knowledge and interpretation of all of the teachings she had learned on her own quest to find her authentic path.  The path that lead her to really believe that all women are capable of being so much more than they allow themselves to be and it was time to de-cape Superwoman (and Supermum) so the world could see the Bravetart within.  


I am constantly inspired and impressed by the depth and the effectiveness of the tools I have learned that help to navigate me along my path. They support me so that each time I need to be brave, I can be; when I need to be calm so others can be brave, I can be. When brave is needed it shows up and I can say yes instead of no; please instead of no thank you; and more instead of less.  

My path and my learning continues, my desire to share and teach others grows stronger and my will to be my truest most authentic self is resolute.  I’m in no doubt that there are challenges ahead but like today, I hope to embrace them with open arms and be grateful for the lessons they bring.  I know that to grow is to be vulnerable, open and brave, I also know how hard it is to let go of the emotions attached to each of these ambitions.  The protective shield we build when we get hurt, the shut down we begin when faced with fear and the doors that are locked to keep out our monsters; they all diminish our capacity to show up, being our most wonderful selves, our happiest, brightest, smartest selves.  It’s time to get your brave pants on, whatever your week has to offer, knowing you want them, not need them and wriggle your way to brilliance.

Oh and yes, you can thank me for the sunshine, I did manifest that too! Have a fabulous week!


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