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The Huddle

So many of us are now faced with finding a way of living and working that can be both challenging and potentially damaging for our

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Get out of the mosh pit

Get out of the Mosh Pit

I grew up believing that reading a newspaper, especially a broadsheet, was highly regarded. Being in the know on current affairs was a societal requirement,

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Trigger Happy

Let me set the scene.  I’ve been working on some of my stuff for bloody decades now.  You know, the old murky stuff that just

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Apocalyptic Journaling

Better out than in…. It’s lesson three, I’m listening intently, excited to know what nuggets lie within. “This week we will be looking at morning

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Judgement Jar

Are you stuck in the muck? Judgement is about you not the subject of your attention.  If this is true, then judging yourself is about

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Bank Holiday Play

It’s a funny thing, Bank Holiday weekend….. Huge human swarms mobilise themselves to a new temporary location in order to live life differently, often with

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Brave Pants

You don’t need them but you might want them Knickers When I got up this morning and was rummaging through my knicker drawer, ruminating over

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